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Firewall Base Auditing

          Firewalls are the first defense for a system and Firewall Auditing the first step to ensure the absence of security breaches within the system. Firewall Audits reconfirm compliance requirements and point out threats in the Network Security, offering improvements in the security policies and controls. An intense firewall ensures a continuous compliance. Firewall Auditing is a very critical component of security systems today. The technology landscape changes for Web Applications, Enterprise Solutions, Mobility & Mobile Devices, communication tools & networks. This brings in new compliance requirements with an increase in expectations from firewall security as well. Firewall Auditing rules need to be formulated judiciously. The best practice is to have the Firewall going with a minimum amount of rules which are reviewed and revised periodically. Failure to do so results in conflicting expectations from the Firewall itself and these ambiguities lead to a susceptible system leading to huge losses for the enterprises.

Services for Firewall Auditing

Change Management Process Audits.

  • Information gathering of the system.
  • Change logs and scrutiny.
  • Audit trail of firewall changes and approval processes.
  • Real time monitoring of changes.
  • Firewall Rule Base Audit.
  • Review & Assess Firewall.
  • Risk Assessment & Issues remediating.
  • Optimization of Rule Base.
  • Verifying Compliance.
  • Firewall audit compliance status.
  • Automatic identification of non-compliant rules and remedial.
  • Physical and OS Security Audit of Firewalls.
  • Set up continual Audit Readiness.