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iPhone App Development

          Building an app and getting people to download and use it is needs a very specific set of skills. Your app has to be technically polished, gorgeous to look at and provide a great user experience besides delivering value.

iPad App Development

          Our iPad Developers create iPad Apps proficiently with excellent processes and project management, meaning your Apps are delivered on time. Being an Apple Certified company, we can assist with the whole process from inception to the end when the iPad App is submitted to the Apple Store.

Android App Development

          Irrespective of your business niche or your target demographic a substantial number of your prospects and current customers are Android users. The Google Play app store hosts more than 2 million apps and have recorded more than 25 billion downloads.

HTML5 Apps Development

          Want to combine the stability and performance of native applications with the reach of the web? Try HTML5 application development. Do you dream of providing your users a fast, responsive, secure, beautiful, experience for your product, service or website across multiple platforms? HTML5 Mobile Apps development has been a revolutionary advancement in the world of mobile apps since they provided an alternative to the native apps.

Here are some benefits of HTML5 based mobile apps:

  • Describing the content, thanks to semantic elements.
  • Cross platform compatibility i.e. they open on all mobile browsers irrespective of the platform.
  • Saves time and money since the same code gets reused and you don't have to write for each mobile platform separately.
  • Supports video and audio playback without third party plug-ins.
  • Provides options in presentation like improved 2D and 3D effects.
  • Playing with a number of layout and styling options thanks to CSS3 and jQuery.
  • Storing data both on the device and server to improve performance.

          The good thing about HTML5 apps is that they don't have the "download and install" barrier. The HTML5 standard is supported by all the latest versions of the dominant desktop and mobile browsers.

Hybrid App Development

          If you are looking to develop apps for more than one mobile to develop apps for each platform, then choosing a Hybrid App Development like Xamarin, IBM Worklite, Ionic or Phonegap could be the ideal solution. Faster time to market as the development can be done for iOS, Android and Mobile web at the same time. Hybrid apps cost only 50-70% of native app development Reduce dependability on developers with only iOS and Android development skills.