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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

          There has been a drastic increase in the number of mobile phone/smart phone users globally. As a result, many organizations are making their customers to shift to mobile applications for providing service at real time. This drastic shift to mobile applications has posed a greater security challenge to these organizations. Keeping this in mind we provide security testing of your mobile applications by finding vulnerabilities and mitigating the same.

Mobile Application Security Testing

          Deiva Tech Security consultants perform mobile application penetration test by employing a combination of manual and automated process for finding security flaws, which when exploited can give away privileged information within the application.

Apart from OWASP Top 10 mobile application vulnerabilities,few other inspections that our security consultants primarily concentrate on

  • Storage of sensitive information on mobile devices.
  • Usage of insecure encryption and decryption algorithms.
  • Broken authentication and weak sessions.
  • OTP Bypass for password reset.
  • Man in the Middle Attacks.
  • SQL and Command injection.
  • Server misconfigurations.
  • Sensitive data exposure.
  • Exposure to most recent and/or Zero Day vulnerabilities.
  • Passionate Testers.

Mobile Application Source Code review

          Performs the assessment of source code for finding vulnerabilities within the application source code and/or application design. With our Source Code Review Service, we will carefully review your software and identify security vulnerabilities as well as violations of best practices, security design issues and much more.

          This service can be administered on-site, remotely or a combination of both. First, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of your software design, including its purpose, background, framework and environment. Then we’ll extensively analyse your software. If vulnerabilities are found, we will evaluate them for business impact, prioritise them and recommend mitigation actions. Our Source Code Review is able to find vulnerabilities that go unnoticed during traditional application testing because our Source Code Review process is much more exhaustive and goes deeper into the design of the software. Among other issues, our Source Code Review is great for uncovering injection, XSS, CSRF, authentication, and session management vulnerabilities in bespoke or proprietary code sets.

          If you are concerned about an attacker exploiting vulnerabilities in your software, which can lead to the costly loss of intellectual property and/or proprietary information, this service can help you identify and remove them before any damage is done.

          Deiva Tech is a leading organization in penetration testing services and IT security services. For over years, Deiva Tech have helped many clients to protect important data, toughen web applications, maintain obedience and keep away from all risks. We tend to find vulnerabilities by evading your current access controls. This service is something above your regular system/network administrator’s scan.

We provide these types of Network Security Testing:

  • Vulnerability Assessment (Identify, Stop and Report).
  • Penetration Testing (Identify, Exploit and Report).
  • Passionate Testers.
  • Quality Customer Service.
  • Competitive Rates.

          We designed penetration testing tools to be used by people with a large range for security purpose. It is an ideal for developers and technology testers who are not familiar with penetration testing. In performance with the consultant we resolve the possibilities of the security penetration. We certify the effectiveness of prevailing protections by Penetration Testing. Our penetration testing experts recognize the risks and confidentiality of vulnerable information. Deiva Tech comes with the promise of delivery the penetration testing services. We generate deliverable that includes absolutely no false security and are likely to identify vulnerabilities that cannot be recognized with usual testing technology.